Imperial College London Club

Our Imperial College Club usually runs three sessions a week in the following venues:

Imperial College Union Gym, South Kensington
Tuesday19:00 - 21:00
Imperial College Union Gym, South KensingtonSaturday15:00 - 17:00

The instructors always try their best to start sessions on time to maximise the time spent learning our art. We therefore try to turn up at least ten minutes early for each class.

South Kensington

On Sunday evenings our sessions take place in the Union Gym, which is on the top floor of the Imperial College London Union (SW7 2BB).

Cost per session

Our sessions are designed to be as cheap as we can make them. Students of the university pay £3 per session, anyone attending as an external guest should expect to pay £5 per session. Please note that for students joining the club for the first time we have a number of deals which can make training even cheaper, so please ask us what we can offer if you want to sign up and continue your training.

Harrow Club

Our club in Harrow trains at the following times:

Salvatorian College, HarrowMonday18:30 - 20:30

Salvatorian College

Salvatorian College (HA3 5DY) is around 15 minutes' walk from Harrow and Wealdstone station or can be reached by car / bus if you prefer.

We will be in the gym, which is the large building overlooking the main road. Go down the gap between the gym and the builder's hoarding (they are having some building work done) to the black security gate.

Cost per session

We charge £5 per person for each of our sessions. As with all clubs, your first session at Harrow is free of charge, after which you will only pay for sessions you participate in.

Kentish Town

The Kentish town club has been running since 2015. We train in the offices of Softwire, as Sensei Dom - together with some of the students - works there. Training times are 17:45 - 19:30 every Thursday.

The venue is Unit 325, Highgate studios, Kentish Town (NW5 1TL)