Our London Imperial Club

Who We Are

Aiuchi is a long-established martial arts association operating throughout the UK, dedicated to training in a modern interpretation of Jiu Jitsu, an art originally practised by the samurai of feudal Japan. In London we have a number of training venues open to anyone interested in learing our martial art, and you can find out information about those below. Within London we have a healthy mixture of students, faculty and others from various walks of life, all linked by a shared interest. Our training environments are safe and welcoming to all potential students, and we are happy to instruct those with no background in martial arts at all together with those who have an extensive training history.

In addition to our training, we have a very active social side to our London clubs. Recent events include meals out, film nights, snowboarding and short breaks abroad, all of which are optional but highly entertaining. Most of these are organised by the Imperial club as the largest Aiuchi group in London, but everyone training with us is welcome on any of our social events (other than those organised solely for students of a specific university, which are fairly rare).

To find out more about our martial art, please see our training page. If you have any questions about the London clubs, please contact us.

Uke-otoshi - Floating Drop

Our Instructors

Our London clubs are currently run by a cohort of experienced instructors, all of whom are insured through and authorised to teach by the Aiuchi Jiu Jitsu Association. There is a mentoring scheme in place for more junior instructors to allow them to become more confident under the watchful eye of senior grades. London is very lucky to have more instructors than sessions to teach, so there will often be a very high instructor to student ratio, allowing for highly personalised training at most of our clubs.

Within the teaching structure of Aiuchi, you will see a mixture of grades instructing on a regular or occasional basis. Aiuchi generally considers students who have attained brown belt to be sufficiently senior to start teaching on their own. This generally represents a minimum of five years' training, normally longer, so this is not a compromise of standards. Around two years after receiving their brown belt, an instructor may then be considered to test for their black belt. There are further grades within black belt to aim for, but the best way to learn about that is to come along and ask us!

In addition to the regular club instructors throughout London, we are fortunate enough to have a number of other nearby instructors who regularly come to either train with us or teach a class. These include our head of style and other instructors with extensive personal experience of self-defence and restraint technique applications.